for more about Rives, go here. I actually can not believe how much I adore this dude!When I’m rich and famous and own the world, I might put HIM in a gilded cage and have him tell me stories and poetry until the end of time!…is that really creepy??oh.   😦  shit.


daisy daisy, give me a fuchsia too

Lets go, lets go! (larry)

New growth! Fresh copper plants, and 3 little creatures are waiting patiently for their creator (me! oh, the power!) to braid some cord, and turn them from these to wearable…

so thats them plants, and here are the little creatures that we might not notice!

a good note on which to end the week… and begin a new one

I’ve read this once, twice and will read it many times over – I just love that it’s a list of 29 ways: the absence of the nice round 30th option begs us all to think of our own final contribution to the list. What a happy find.